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Black and white pet photography

As a photographer it is always worth trying new styles of photography, be that in camera, or in post processing.

To this end I have been experimenting with high-contrast black and white processing of existing dog photographs.

Being a wildlife photographer at heart I tend to stick with a very natural look to my photos, and while this works well for wildlife, I feel there is some scope for experimentation when it comes to pet, and in this case, dog photography.

To this end I have selected 15 of my favourite doggy photographs, and re-processed them to this high contrast black and white style, in order to present them for feedback and critique.

Please feel free to browse the photos below and click on each one to see a larger version.

Comments can be left by using the comments block at the bottom of the page (sign in required), or you can email me directly with any thoughts and questions.

Thanks for looking.

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