Event Photography


When not photographing pets and wildlife, I am available for event* photography.

If you've found your way here without knowing much about me, have a read of this page first.

Over the past few years as part of my photography repertoire I have photographed various events when asked. These have ranged from sporting events, to dog charity days, to vintage computing club gatherings.

Whilst for each type of event the photography requirements might change, the underlying photography concepts remain the same, making switching between different types of events relatively easy for me.

Some examples from previous shoots can be seen on this page.

Contact me to discuss your requirements, and for booking details.

(*excluding weddings)


For photography of an event only (no processing of photos)

By the hour: £40/hour plus travel* to and from the location

For a full day (8 hours): £280 plus travel to and from location.

Half day: £140 plus travel to and from location.

For basic processing of the photos taken on the day I charge an additional £20/hour.

(For more detailed or in-depth post processing of photos, we will need to discuss they before the event.)

This of course is subject to the volume of photos taken.

Delivery of photos will be digital downloads via my website.

(*Travel rates, if driving are 40p/mile from north Hampshire.)

If you are a registered charity on a tight budget, contact me and we can discuss alternative rates and discounts.


Salisbury Dog's Trust, November '18

"Thank you so much for the photos, they’re absolutely great!"

Salisbury Dog's Trust, June '19

"Going through your photos…They’re AMAZING!!!!!  I’m so happy!!!!"

Run rest Retreat, August '19

"Thank you so much! All the photos are incredible! Some brilliant shots taken! I think they are incredible and should be shown to the world, it’s a great representation of the fantastic work you do!"

South West Amiga Group, January '20

"Keith, thank you so much for the photos.They’re absolutely amazing."

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