Hello to you!

If you've made it to this page then you must be after some photography advice.

Have a watch of the short video next to this text to find out more. 😁

Please use the form below to contact me with your query and I will come back to you via email as soon as I am able.

I will not use your email address for marketing or spam, and I won't be sharing it with anyone. 

Oh, and take a read of the disclaimer text below too please. Ta.

Many thanks.


Free Photography Advice form

Disclaimer type stuff

• I will help with your query as far as I am able to. If I get stuck and can't help I will let you know, and I don't leave people hanging. 😎

• I can't answer every photography subject, but I'll give it my best shot. 😉

• Answers will be based on how I do things/what works for me. They might not be the 'technically correct' way of doing something, but this is free advice after all, and if it works and enables you to get the result you want, then does it have to be technically accurate?  ðŸ˜

• I do not accept responsibility for what you do with answers I provide to your question, so if you choose to do something that endangers life or equipment, that is up to you.

•  I will get to your question in a timely manner. I'm only one person and will answer questions on a 1st come 1st serve basis.

Also I will be emailing you my response so it might be worth checking your junk mailbox to make sure my email gets through to you. It might be worth adding mail from an address that includes the words "photography@dradd" to your junk rules.

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