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• I'm on Facebook

• Exhibition

• Revised pet photography offering

• Some time in the New Forest

Hello everyone,

Time has flown since the last newsletter (looking back I seem to say that every time), as it always seems to do.

Anyway, without further ado, lets' crack on.

I'm on Facebook!

As subscribers to this newsletter will know, I am now on Facebook, after some trials and tribulations.

Basically after two attempts to create a Facebook account, only to have it disabled by Facebook each time, I'd almost given up hope of ever getting a page on there for the photography business.

But earlier this week when I thought I'd give it one more attempt, I noticed Facebook had unlocked the account and I was allowed back in.

So if you are on Facebook, do head over to see my page there.

Look for @draddsphotography

Exhibiting my work

Some of you will already know that I am exhibiting some of my photos at the Sheep Shed Gallery at Weyhill as part of a two week exhibition they are holding.

I''m sharing space with other talented photographers, and the exhibition runs until the 11th of May.

Of the prints I have up there, they are 8x12inches in size, mounted and framed, and all for the princely sum of £30 each.

Do go and grab a bargain. :)

Revised pet photography offering

As I'm learning, the pet photography market is quite competitive, and as such I have revised what I now offer.

As part of a photography shoot, on top of the digital prints you get from the shoot, I'm also adding in a free 8x12 inch print.

Promotional material has been updated to reflect this. Click image of flyer for more details and see the relevant page on this website.

Some time in the New Forest, Spring 2019

It's around this time of year that the fallow bucks start to lose they antlers and the deer in general shed their winter coats, the thick fur that kept them warm through the winter months giving way to their summer coat.

I have been lucky to capture a group of male deer each time I get down to one of my regular haunts in the New Forest.

Back at the start of April I spent a whole morning with this group, slowly gaining their trust and working closer to them as they moved around grazing and resting.

Below is a hasty video taken with my phone showing how close one can get if employing the right fieldcraft skills as not to scare the animals.

For me the thrill of photographing such deer is gaining their trust which enables me to get close to them.

This photo of a large fallow buck was taken by lying on my stomach, slowly moving closer along the ground towards him. He was content just to lay there and let me snap away. For no reason other then he looked a little unkempt, I named him 'Shaggy'.

I was also lucky enough to see a young prickett who I had photographed before Christmas, and I'd named him 'Young Prince'. It was good to see he'd survived the winter months.

But the most touching moment of the trip was seeing a young buck and prickett sparring.

With the buck laying down, the prickett started to lock its small antlers with those of the buck. They then proceeded to have a small sparring session, and the sound of their antlers clicking away could be heard as they went through the motions of play fighting.

I took a number of photos of this, but this one as they paused briefly is without a doubt my favourite.

The full set of photos from this shoot can be seen by clicking this link.

So fast forward a month and I'm back down to the same spot again, this time photographing a smaller group of males, but some of them were part of the group I'd photographed previously.

Now that have shed their antlers and their winter fur is coming out in chunks, making them look really scruffy.

What was sad was to see that they are suffering with the flies pitching on them, especially where the antlers have dropped and scabbed over. Also is the number of ticks on them. I really felt sorry for the poor deer as over the months of photographing them I have grown quite an affinity with them, and don't like to see them suffer.

But it was a white ('menil') buck that I kept my attention on, and made it my goal to get close to him and get photos of his head and face as he grazed.

This I managed to so. In the shots below you can see how his fur is coming out, and he is bothered by the flies, not to mention ticks.

But it wasn't until I got home and was processing the photos that I realised that this chap was actually 'Shaggy' who I had photographed the previous month. What a transformation, as you can see from the photos below. The photo on the left of each set is him back in April, the photo to the right is him in May. (Click photos for larger view.)

How do I know it was Shaggy? Take a look at the notches in his right ear (left ear as you look at him head on).

I hope he makes it through this transition, so I'll be looking out for him on future visits to the forest.

The full set of photos from this shoot can be found by following this link.

So that's it for another month. Be sure to follow me on various social media channels for daily-ish updates.

I can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Until next time, stay safe and all the best.


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