Due to Covid-19, it might not be possible to run this. Please contact me for details.

Fieldcraft & composition coaching (beta)

Who’s it for?

Have you ever been out on a shoot when you’ve found the animal you want to photograph, and as you bring your camera up to take the shot, the animal bolts and runs away?

Or have you managed to get photos of your chosen wildlife subject only to get home and upon reviewing your photos notice they weren’t want you were expecting as they are blurred/out of focus/missing the main subject matter/suffering poor lighting and backgrounds?

This coaching could well be for you as it is aimed specifically at amateur/novice photographers with poor fieldcraft skills who are not getting the shots they want when out in the field.

Many photographers consider themselves to be competent when out in the field, but fail to get the photographs they expect to get. This might be down to poor fieldcraft skills, or poor camera techniques, or a combination of the two.

What we will look do do:

• Improve your photographic composition

• Get photos you can be happy about

• Get closer to animals to get the shots that are possible with the camera kit that you have, without causing disturbance to the subject

• As part of this we will set realistic expectations of what can be achieved with the kit that you have

• Look at the use of natural cover/the environment to enable us to get close without being seen/disturbing the subject

• Take note of ethical practices when getting close to subject matter

• Consider subject matter’s ‘circle of fear’

• Respect nature and the environment

Benefits of this to you:

• The feeling of your work being appreciated (better photos)

• Increase in social media standing (if you’re using social media)

• Mental well being (being out in nature. If out in a forest, consider this ‘forest bathing’)

• Physical exercise Increase in confidence in your ability to get photos

Minimum requirements

• DSLR or equivalent camera such as a bridge camera (not smartphones)

• Basic understanding of how your camera works, such as how to power on, change the battery, add memory card etc.

• Enjoys being out in all types of weather

• You have suitable outdoor clothing, walking boots etc. and are not afraid of getting dirty and or wet (subject to the weather)

Coaching overview/format

• Some time spent reviewing what you want to improve about your wildlife photography

• Looking at and understanding your kit, determining what is possible and what is not

• Practical 'out in the field' coaching & guiding

• Review photographs taken and decide on follow up actions

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