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My love of animals extends to domestic pets and I am equally at home photographing them too. You can see examples of my work on this page.

Some things you should know about my style of pet photography:

• I do not do 'studio' pet photography shoots

• I prefer to do candid shoots, capturing the animal in a relaxed and familiar environment

• I do not like to use a flash for photographing pets unless in exceptional circumstances to add in a little extra light. As a rule I won't use a flash, but if I need to I won't have it fire in such a way it interferes with the animals sight.

As such I'd prefer to use natural light, and photographing animals outdoors is preferable.

• I'm happy to photograph pets at your home, in the garden, or out for a walk in their favourite location.

• I do not believe in forcing an animal into a situation with the sole purpose of getting a particular shot, and I will not undertake any requests to do so.

• I treat photographing pets as I would photographing wild animals; it's all about not putting the animal under stress and making sure it is comfortable with me photographing it. I don't get too close unless the animal is happy with me in its personal space.

• I use a mixture of long and short lenses to capture various shots, again being mindful of the animals mood and the scene to be captured.

• The old adage of 'never work with children or animals' holds true, so of course the photographic results depend on the animal's mood on the day, and no specific results can be guaranteed.


Rates: Contact me for details using the contact button at the bottom of this page.

Travel: I'm based in Hampshire so am happy to travel up to 45 minutes to reach a destination for a shoot. Cost of travel will be factored into the rate charged.

Pre-work: When contacting me it would be good to know what set of thing you had in mind, what location the photo shoot would take place at, and of course some details on the animals in question. The more I can do to prepare for the shoot, the easier the session will go.

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