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Photography training

Digital photography can be daunting, and it is not always obvious as to why some things work like they do. 

Books and online guides can only go so far in demystifying the technical jargon that surrounds the photographic world. It is to this end that I offer some coaching and training on this subject, always happy to pass on what I know in a hands on friendly manner.

Below are some of the courses and coaching that I offer. Please feel free to get in touch with me using the link below if you have any questions or wish to book me.

Fieldcraft and composition coaching

Aimed specifically at people with a strong interest in wildlife photography, this coaching workshop will aim to cover areas not wholly specific to the camera.

In this I look at passing on fieldcraft skills that will aid you in getting the shots of wildlife that are possible with the camera kit that you have.

More details can be found by clicking this link here.

One to one tuition

Besides the 'Introduction to DSLR photography' course I mention below, I am also happy to tailor something specific to you and your needs.

As I specialise in wildlife and pet photography, something can be tailored around fieldcraft or photographing animals in order to get the best results.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions. 

Introduction to DSLR photography

Starting off with digital photography can be a bit daunting, especially if you want to have some control over what your camera is doing and not rely on it being in 'Auto' mode all the time.

But the back of a modern camera is a scary place - lots of letters and numbers. What do they all mean, and how do you make use of them?

I have put together a short course to take you through what I believe is are the most important settings on your camera, and give you an insight as to how to get the most from them to enable you to get better photographs.


What do all the letters and numbers mean on the back of a camera? Let me take you through the basic (and most important) settings on your camera and explain them.

In this course we'll cover:

- Shooting modes

- Light entering the camera

- The Exposure Triangle

- Aperture

- Depth of field


- Shutter speed

  • What is Depth of Field (DoF)? In the course I will cover this.

    What is Depth of Field (DoF)? In the course I will cover this.

  • What is 'The Exposure Triangle' and why should you care about it?

    What is 'The Exposure Triangle' and why should you care about it?

Where: Happy to travel to you (45 minutes travel maximum from Andover in Hampshire)

Format: Slide presentation (merely to aid the discussion. Don't worry, it's not 'death by Powerpoint'!), discussion, practical hands on experiments.

Duration: Approximately 2 hours

What you will need: Your camera, memory card, camera battery and basic knowledge of your camera - how to turn on and off, where memory cards and batteries go, where the menus are etc.

How much? £80.00 plus travel costs.

Please contact me to book a session, or for more details. 

Many thanks.

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