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My name is Keith Elcombe and I’m a Hampshire based professional photographer who offers Pet Photography as one of my services.

If you would like photos done of your pet rat (or rats) for a keepsake, for social media (Instagram) use, or of someone elses pet for a gift then I’d love to hear from you.  Just use the 'Contact Me' button below.

My love of animals extends to domestic pets and I am equally at home photographing them too.

I am very comfortable photographing domestic rats (sometimes wild ones too) as myself and my partner have owned rats for about 10 years, and know quite a bit about them.

In addition to the example photographs on this page, some other examples can be seen in this gallery, and my dedicated pet photography Instagram feed.

Some things you should know about my style of pet photography:

• I do not do studio pet photography shoots.

• I prefer to do candid shoots, capturing the animal in a relaxed and familiar environment.

 • I do not like to use a flash for photographing pets unless in exceptional circumstances to add in a little extra light. As a rule I won't use a flash, but if I need to I won't have it fire in such a way it interferes with the animals sight. As such I'd prefer to use natural light.

• I'm happy to photograph pets at your home.

• I do not believe in forcing an animal into a situation with the sole purpose of getting a particular shot, and I will not undertake any requests to do so.

• I treat photographing pets as I would photographing wild animals; it's all about not putting the animal under stress and making sure it is comfortable with me photographing it. I don't get too close unless the animal is happy with me in its personal space.

• I use a mixture of long and short lenses to capture various shots, again being mindful of the animals mood and the scene to be captured.

• The old saying of 'never work with children or animals' holds true, so of course the photographic results depend on the animal's mood on the day, and no specific results can be guaranteed.

How it works

I come out to you or a location of your choice for the shoot and take the photos of your pet.

I then upload the photos from the shoot to my website, creating a space where only you can view them.

You look at them and let me now which ones you would like to have, and I will process these.

Once processed I will let you have the digital copies via a method of your choice.

You also let me know which photo from these you would like as the printed version and I will get that arranged for you.

Session time and cost:

Please note a non-refundable £10 deposit is payable in advance in order to book a session.

Single shoot

£40 one hour shoot, plus travel of 40p/mile

This is £40 for a one hour shoot plus travel to and from your location at 40p/mile.

This includes unlimited digital photos (as many successful photos as we can get in 1 hour), and a free 8 x 12 inch colour print.

For a two hour shoot the cost is £70.00 plus travel

Recommend a friend

£40 one hour shoot, plus travel of 40p/mile 25% off for a friend 25% off your second shoot

This is the same format as a 'Single shoot' but if a you recommend a friend, they get 25% off the price so it becomes £30 plus travel to and from their location.

You also get 25% off of your second shoot (non-transferable) subject to booking of your friend's shoot where they pay a £10 deposit.


I am based in north Hampshire, and happy to travel up to 45 minutes from my location.

I do charge for travel, by the mile. Again we can discuss this when you contact me.

Pre-Work (optional):

There is an element of pre-work to be done before the actual shoot happens, in terms of where the shoot will happen, what you want out of it etc.

Ideally I'd like to meet with your and your pet in person before the shoot, in order to get to know a bit about you, and get to know your pet.

This will help me planning for the actual shoot session.There will be a cost for this, but it will be included in the total cost for the shoot, and form part of a deposit to be paid in advance.

If you decide after our initial meeting not to go ahead with the shoot, you will only pay for the initial consultation.

If for any reason I feel that doing a photography session is not suitable based on your requirements, I will refund the deposit.

What do I get from the shoot?

You will get one free physical 8 x 12 inch print from the shoot, of a photo of your choice.

Note that this print will not be mounted or framed as this is down to personal choice so I will just give you the print.

As a number of shots will be taken as part of the session, I will present you with digital versions of the successful shots from the day. This will be done online, where you can browse the shots at your leisure and decide which ones you would like. I will then present you with the digital hi-resolution photos you choose for you to do with as you wish.

So, you get one physical print, and any number of digital versions of photos from the shoot.

Additional prints can be ordered and these will cost £10 each.


I have full public liability insurance.

Get in touch

If you'd like to book me for a photography session, then please use the 'Email Me' button. 

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